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      How to "Queue" (HOLD) your orders on Dakota Matrix


      Here's an informative article on how you can save on shipping with Dakota Matrix. You can have us hold your orders until you are ready to ship!


      Tsumeb mine minerals


      Release Notification

      Gallery - Tsumeb I
      Released - 7/31/2013 3:02:09 PM
      Quantity - 35

      PD35049 - Dioptase

      PD35053 - Calcite

      PD35054 - Calcite

      PD35057 - Schaurteite

      35147 - Karibibite

      35155 - Renierite

      35227 - Cerussite

      PD35783 - Dundasite

      PD36431 - Cuprite

      PD36466 - Mimetite

      PD36467 - Adamite

      36468 - Eugenite

      PD36469 - Smithsonite

      PD36470 - Scorodite

      PD36471 - Jamesite

      PD36472 - Sohngeite

      PD36473 - Olivenite

      PD36474 - Bayldonite

      PD36476 - Dioptase

      PD36478 - Wulfenite

      PD36480 - Aragonite

      PD36481 - Anglesite

      PD36482 - Willemite

      PD36483 - Dolomite

      PD36485 - Heterogenite

      PD36486 - Chalcocite

      PD36487 - Chalcocite

      PD36488 - Dolomite

      PD36489 - Adamite

      PD36496 - Keyite

      35151 - Agardite-(Ce)

      PD36448 - Molybdofornacite

      PD36477 - Baryte

      PD36484 - Dolomite

      PD36520 - Dolomite


      Paratoo Rare Earth Element Minerals


      Release Notification

      Gallery - Paratoo REE Minerals
      Released - 7/19/2013 2:00:49 PM
      Quantity - 5

      36352 - Decrespignyite-(Y)

      36371 - Kamphaugite-(Y)

      36373 - Kamphaugite-(Y)

      36380 - Tengerite-(Y)

      36381 - Tengerite-(Y)



      Release Notification

      Gallery - Bastnasite-(La)
      Released - 7/18/2013 2:59:37 PM
      Quantity - 5

      36340 - Bastnasite-(La)

      36341 - Bastnasite-(La)

      36343 - Bastnasite-(La)

      36345 - Bastnasite-(La)

      36346 - Bastnasite-(La)

      Rare Earth Minerals


      Rare Element Resources plans to mine rare earth minerals in the Bear Lodge Mountains. This is awesome and I can't wait until the mining begins! http://www.rareelementresources.com/s/Home.asp

      People, Jobs, Economy, Money is what it's about. WDEQ and company professionals will take care of the rest.

      Micas and Other Phyllosilicates


      A short article on micas and other phyllosilicate minerals click here to supplement our Micaceous Minerals Special Edition.

      Mineral Maps and Books!


      In addition to selling minerals, we also carry a variety of products relating to the mineralogy, history, and geology of the Black hills, in addition to other non mineral products. We have maps of mining ghost towns, historical mineral information, and periodic tables of elements, using minerals as examples.  Take a look at our Maps and Books section.

      Download Your Mineral Photos!!


      All New feature!! When you have a registered account with Dakota Matrix, you can download all the photos of the minerals you purchased. Simply go to your account and view your past order. You will see a column for "images". Just click "download" and a ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer containg all the images. How cool is that!! Please keep in mind these photos are for personal use only, and should not be used for commercial and/or resale purposes such as Ebay, auction sites, or other commercial websites used to sell minerals or other products. You may use these photos for your personal phto entries on Mindat or Webmineral. We ask that you keep our watermark on the photos.

      Butte Mining & Minerals


      We put together a summary of the Butte mining histrory, geology and minerals for our Butte Special Edition. Take a look! We also released our Butte Special Edition on March 28, 2012

      Frequently Asked Questions


      To help answer questions about some of the new features check out the Frequently Asked Questions OR send us an email at dmmcart@gmail.com.

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